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1775 - Lug Driller

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    • Removes the most difficult locking lug bolts quickly, safely and without damage to wheel or rim
    • Great for all vehicles with lost or damaged locking lug bolt keys
    • Operation time is approximately 8-13 minutes per wheel.
    • Includes:
      • (4) nylon internal centering guides
      • (3) metal external centering guides
      • (1) metal centering guide for free turning lugs
      • (2) special ultra hard drills with tungsten carbide tips
      • (4) extractors
      • (1) impact extractor holder
      • (1) impact extractor remover
    • Instructions: Tap, Drill, Extract!

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    Part # Description
    1775X01 Impact Drill Holder
    1775X02 Impact Drill Remover
    1775X03 Free-Turning Centering Guide
    1775X04 Metal Centering Guide - 19mm
    1775X05 Metal Centering Guide - 21mm
    1775X06 Metal Centering Guide - 24mm
    1775X07 Lug Bolt Drill Bit - 8.5mm
    1775X08 Lug Bolt Extractor
    1775X09 Nylon Internal Centering Guide 33mm
    1775X10 Nylon Internal Centering Guide 35mm
    1775X11 Nylon Internal Centering Guide 37mm
    1775X12 Nylon Internal Centering Guide 38mm



    Missing Key?

    Don't fret! The Lug Driller is designed to remove lug bolts with missing keys

    Wide Coverage

    The Lug Driller works on essentially all vehicles with lug bolts, including even the hardest metal lug bolts, typically found on BMWs and other import applications

    Save Time

    Built for speed, the Lug Driller removes an entire wheel's worth of lug bolts in 8-13 minutes

    Precision Guides

    Nobody wants to scratch an expensive rim, so we've included many different guides to help locate the center of the lug bolt for a safe and easy removal

    Watch & Learn

    Reading about the product is one thing, but seeing the Lug Driller in action is even better! See what makes the Lug Driller stand out in our video!

    We provide the guides

    With a multitude of guides included in the kit, a technician can find the perfect fit, allowing a precise centering guide, preventing damage to the vehicle's rim

    Spinning Lugs?

    Spinning lug bolts are no problem for the Lug Driller. We've included a special guide that allows the technician to hold the bolt in place, preventing spinning

    Reusable Extractors

    Our extractors are meant to be hammered and pounded, but that doesn't mean they can't be reused. We partnered with a specialty factory in Spain to produce the most robust extractors on the market, allowing for repeated use. And to make things easier, we included a fork remover to help remove the extractors from lug bolts