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4001 - 5 Pc. Emergency Lug Nut Remover

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  • Features patented reverse tapered thread to remove stripped lug nuts or lug nuts with missing keys
  • Heavy duty threads make these sockets reusable
  • Use with 1/2" drive impact wrench
  • Sizes Included:
    • #A146 - 3/4"
      • Range: 17mm - 19mm
    • #A147 - 13/16"
      • Range: 19mm - 20.5mm
    • #4002 - 15/16"
      • Range: 17mm - 21.5mm (Increased progressive taper)
    • #A148 - 1"
      • Range: 21mm - 22.5mm
    • #A149 - 1-1/8"
      • Range: 27mm - 28.5mm

NOTE: Maximum recommended air pressure is 90 psi

  1. Install socket on impact wrench and switch wrench valve to the "unscrew" position.
  2. Hold wrench/socket square to lug nut, then turn socket counter-clockwise by hand until it "bites" the lug nut.
  3. Operate the impact wrench until the socket is driven on and the lug nut is removed.
  4. To remove a lug nut that is stuck inside the socket, grind flats on opposite sides of the exposed portion of the nut, then clamp them securely in a vise. Reverse the direction of the impact wrench and operate until the nut is extracted.

ATTENTION: Emergency lug nut sockets are designed to remove OEM cap-style lug nuts. Removal of solid thin-wall nuts holding aftermarket wheel spacers is NOT recommended. Due to the extra rotational load required on wheel spacers, the nuts are usually made of denser metals, making the tool unable to displace material resulting in breakage.

DO NOT USE on lug nuts/bolts with spinning cap/ring.


KLT30254, 8320954, 10504635, and LT4800

Revolutionary Solution

Revolutionary Solution

Showcasing a patented reverse tapered thread designed for extracting stripped or keyless lug nuts with unparalleled efficiency.

CTA #4001 in use with 1/2" drive impact wrench


Specifically designed to be used with 1/2" drive impact wrench.

CTA 4001 Socket with heavy duty threads

Robust & Reusable

The sockets are crafted with robust, heavy-duty threads that offer a dual advantage: not only do they ensure exceptional durability, but they are also reusable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for your projects. These high-quality threads are designed to withstand substantial torque and stress, providing longevity that outlasts single-use alternatives.