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Thread Restoration Tools!

Thread Restoration Tools!

What does a thread restorer tool do? Simple, it restores threads… duh! Okay, okay, there is a bit more to it. A thread restorer or thread file like #8185 - 4 Pc. Thread Restoring Kit is a tool used to fix threads on nuts or bolts that have become damaged. The damaged thread on a screw or bolt can often be fixed by running a die over it, and if a thread's damage is minimal, it may be possible to reform the threads by running a nut up and down them, though that runs the risk of the nut fusing to the threads, also known as galling.

On the other hand, Re-Conditioning or rethreading tap is designed to create new threads, whereas a chaser tap is designed to clean, re-form, and restore existing threads. If you want to clean-up existing female threads it is best to use a chaser, or follower tap instead of a common cutting tap like #8240 - 53 Pc. Master Rethreading Set. If the hole requires new threads entirely, use a rethreading tap tool like #7730 - Glow Plug Thread Repair Kit or Pro-Thread Repair Kits to restore threaded engine component holes. This can also be performed on nuts or other internal thread applications.

Pro Tip: Do not try to rethread the entire bolt, hole, or nut in one operation. Insert the rethreading tap or die and rotate a few turns, then back it off a full turn. That will dislodge the debris from the teeth of tap, ensuring the threads are properly engraved.

8185 - 4 Pc. Thread Restoring Kit

  • Includes 3 Thread Files #8231, #8233 & #8235, plus 1 Universal Thread File #2299
  • Includes both Metric & SAE Threads
  • Packed in Square Plastic Sliding Case


8240 - 53 Pc. Master Rethreading Set

  • Use for restoring threads on a wide range of applications
  • Includes thread file #8231 and #8233, plus many Taps and Dies 

Re-Conditioning Taps

  • Alloy steel tap to clean Oil Pan & other threads
  • Sizes available: 12mm to 22mm

7730 - Glow Plug Thread Repair Kit

  • Kit is designed to repair glow plug threads for a wide range of diesel engines
  • It professionally and permanently replaces the threads on modern vehicles which have little space and access to glow plugs
  • The Kit includes self-guided reamers and taps with no need for glue or thread seal
  • 4 of each of the following thread repair inserts are included:
    • #7731 - M8 x 1.00 (Short)
    • #7732 - M8 x 1.00 (Long)
    • #7733 - M9 x 1.00
    • #7734 - M10 x 1.00
    • #7735 - M10 x 1.25


Pro-Thread Repair Kits

  • Our Pro-Thread Kits offer a cost-effective method of repairing and strengthening threads in various materials such as cast iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals, and plastics.
  • Effective for automotive repair, spark plug ports, outdoor power equipment, motorcycle repairs, farm equipment, and more!
  • Easy to install, DRILL, TAP, INSERT, SNAP!


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