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The TORX® Revolution

The TORX® Revolution

Before we breakdown why Torx® are regarded as the best fasteners for cam and cylinder head bolts, we first need to understand how they came to be. The Torx® fastener was invented in 1967, by Camcar Textron to improve on contemporary drive types. It aimed to replace Phillips, which were prone to cam-out issues. Cam-out is the term used for sheering bite teeth out of fasteners.

A key advantage of the Torx® system is that it allows higher torque delivery than other drive systems, enabling fasteners to be tighter and therefore more secure. The increased surface area of the six-sided lobed star shape found in Torx® sockets helps prevent cam-out and requires a lower end-load than traditional systems.

Throughout the past 50 years, Torx® fasteners have been adopted by many robotic manufacturing facilities due to the improvements in strength and durability. With the increased adoption of Torx®, came the evolution of E, EP and EPR Torx® sockets. E representing External, P for Plus and EPR is the newest variant also known as Pentalobe. “Penta” which means 5, and “lobe” for the shape.

CTA offers all versions of Torx® Bits & E-Torx® sockets, but our newest collection services EP & EPR Torx® sockets. CTA’s #5420 - 15 Pc. EP Torx® Socket Set includes a full range of impact grade EP Torx® sockets, including new extra-large sizes up to EP32. Applications for EP Torx® include Ford F-250+ Bed bolts, seat rail bolts, and many other applications. Our new #1220 - 16 Pc. 5 Pt. EPR Torx® Socket Set includes a full range of Pentalobe sockets for GM, Ford, Tesla, and other late model applications. Continue scrolling to learn more about these socket sets.


#5420 - 15 Pc. EP Torx® Plus Socket Set

  • 15 Pc comprehensive set offers a wide range of sizes
  • Services elliptical-shaped Torx Plus® fasteners found on many vehicles
  • Standard Torx® or Ribe designs will not fit these fasteners
  • Packed in a Blow Mold Case for easy storage


#1220 - 16 Pc. 5 Pt. EPR Torx® Socket Set

  • Set of EPR (5-sided) Torx Plus® profile sockets, from 6EPR to 32EPR
  • Also referred to as Pentalobe sockets
  • Manufactured from satin finish chrome vanadium and packed in an EVA foam tray for convenient storage in toolbox


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