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Designed in the mid-50’s in the midst of the Suez Crisis fuel shortages, the Mini was the answer to what seems like a familiar dilemma. The compact, yet clever design of the Mini kept it in production for nearly 4 decades without major changes. Fast-forward to the modern Mini, and it is clear it has stuck to its roots. Although the extremely compact size of the original is no longer a viable option, the new one is still small enough to maintain its quirky fun style and driving characteristics.

The modern Mini is still British, but BMW now owns the majority stakes. This partnership has expanded the Mini line into a globally available vehicle. The most common component shared between both automakers is the powertrain. The BMW N12, N14 & N16 engine has powered the Mini for over a decade with no major disappointments, but like all things, these engines need some TLC. That is why we at CTA have a wide range of Mini specialty tools, including our new #3770 - BMW/MINI Timing Chain Tool Kit.

3770 - BMW/MINI Timing Chain Tool Kit - N12, N14 & N16

  • Kit includes specialty tools required to perform timing service and repair
  • Use to accurately locate TDC for servicing and repairing head gasket and timing chain
  • Services: R55-R61 models 2007-2016 (Cooper, Paceman & Countryman)
  • Kit includes: Camshaft Locking Blocks, Flywheel Locking Pin, Timing Chain Tension Block & Upper Chain Tension Locks
  • Compare to MINI/BMW Factory Tool #’s: 119551, 119552, 119553, 119590, and 119340

CLICK HERE to see our full line of specialty MINI tools.


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