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Porsche Love

Porsche Love

The sporty German marque is an outlier among performance car makers. It’s not only the most reliable of its breed, it’s one of the most reliable car brands ever. In fact, J.D. Power ranked Porsche second most reliable marque on the market in its 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, trailing only Lexus. Even Toyota, a brand synonymous with durability, fell short to Porsche. It’s a position they’ve held for many years, not only in the US, but also in many other counties.

Many have already known that European vehicles are overall more difficult to service, but Porsche is the beloved outlier. It is why many enthusiasts flock to the brand for its overall engineering excellence. Examples of this prestige are found in the most valuable Porsche 911s such as the 964 Carrera RS, 993 GT2 and the 2010 911 Sport Classic.

The 996 and 997 generation of 911s are argued to be the last of the true enthusiast machines because of the true analog driving dynamics. In comparison, the newer 991 and 992 generation has grown in size, weight and utilizes more electronic driving aids. Great for overall safety, but in the enthusiast eyes it has pulled away from the driver’s immersion with the machine. Claiming the 997 as the last true-to-its-roots 911. Because of this, it is estimated that about eighty-percent of 996 and 997s are still on the road today. Some people are holding onto them as investments, and others for the joy of driving. All we know is that these vehicles require specialty tools like our NEW Porsche Transmission Mount Remover and Installer to keep them in tip-top shape for many miles and years.


#2266 - Porsche Trans Mount R/I Tool Kit

  • Kit includes Transmission Mount tools for Manual and Automatic Porsche 996/997 models
  • Use for replacing worn or damaged manual/automatic transmission mount
  • The vulcanized rubber mount separates from the housing causing an increase of NVH during acceleration
  • Easily replace mount with transmission still fitted to vehicle
  • Compare to Porsche Factory Tool #996-375-055-05
  • Set includes:


#2303 - Porsche 996/997 Transmission Mount Tool (Manual)

#2304 - Porsche 996 Tiptronic Trans Mount Adapter (Automatic) Requires #2303 for use



We also recommend:

#4022 - Porsche Timing Kit - 996

  • Comprehensive kit includes required components to perform complete timing service
  • Services Porsche 996 (1997-2006)
  • Includes:
    • #3886 - Porsche Cam Adjusting Blocks
    • #3888 - 2 Pc. Porsche Auxiliary Chain Tensioner Set
    • #3889 - Porsche Intake Camshaft Socket Holder
    • #3890 - Porsche Exhaust Camshaft Sprocket Holder
    • #3891 - Porsche Cam Adj. Holding Bracket

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