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Stuck Lug Nuts

Stuck Lug Nuts Got You In A Jam?

Our newest #5905 - 17mm Emergency Lug Nut Remover takes on stripped, swollen, and missing key lug nuts with ease.

The super duty reverse tapered threads bite down tight, restoring grip to remove troublesome lug nuts. Simply fit the newest and smallest diameter 17mm emergency lug nut remover socket over the damaged or stuck lug, attach a 1/2" drive impact wrench, and muscle off even the most stubborn lugs.

Redesigned with extra durable steel, the remover socket is reusable to tackle future lug nut mishaps. For additional stuck lug solutions, pair the 17mm remover with our popular #4001 5 Pc. Emergency Lug Nut Remover Set or #1775 Lug Driller Kit. With the right tools, you'll get vehicles back on the road in no time. Add the new 17mm remover to your tool box today!


CTA #5905 - Emergency Lug Nut Remover - 17mm

  • Features patented reverse tapered thread to remove stripped lug nuts or lug nuts with missing keys
  • Fits lug nuts measuring 17mm "point-to-point"
  • Heavy duty threads make these sockets reusable
  • Use with 1/2" drive impact wrench
  • Services 17mm Lugs found on VAG (VW, Audi, Porsche), Fiat (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep), Ford, GM, and many more applications
  • Attention: DO NOT USE on lug nuts/bolts with spinning cap/ring

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CTA 4001

CTA #4001 - 5 Pc. Emergency Lug Nut Remover


CTA #1775 - Lug Driller

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