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Automotive Interior Trims

HD Metal Trim Tool with Double-Ended Precision

Attention mechanics and autobody professionals!

The #1452 - HD Metal Trim Tool is designed for safe prying and removal of interior and exterior trim components. This double-ended tool features a slim, tapered tip made from high strength steel to prevent bending and damage. One end has a curved tip and the other end has a straight tip, allowing users to match the angle required for prying in tight spaces.CTA #1452 HD Metal Trim Tool

Let's take a closer look at what makes this tool a must-have in any auto professional's toolkit.

  1. Durable Build: This double-ended tool is built to last. It features a slim, tapered tip made from high-strength steel. This construction ensures that the tool remains sturdy and doesn't bend or deform during use, even when significant force is applied.

  2. Versatility: One of the standout features of the #1452 Metal Trim Tool is its versatility. It comes with two distinct tips on either end: a curved tip and a straight tip. This dual-end design allows users to match the angle required for prying in tight spaces. Whether you're working on interior or exterior trim, this tool has you covered.

  3. Precision and Safety: The specially designed tapered and curved tips of the #1452 Metal Trim Tool are a testament to its precision engineering. These tips enable auto technicians to quickly and safely release stuck trim pieces, light fixtures, panels, and more without causing any damage to the vehicle's surfaces. This precision is crucial in preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the vehicle being worked on.

  4. Efficiency in Tight Spaces: Working in confined spaces is a common challenge in the automotive industry. The #1452 Metal Trim Tool is designed to provide effective leverage in such tight spaces, making interior and exterior trim removal a breeze. Auto technicians can complete their tasks efficiently and without unnecessary struggle.

In the world of automotive repair and bodywork, having the right tools can make all the difference. The #1452 - HD Metal Trim Tool is a prime example of a tool that not only simplifies tasks but also ensures that they are executed with precision and care. With its durable build, versatile dual-end design, and emphasis on safety and efficiency, it has become a go-to choice for attention mechanics and autobody professionals.

CTA 1452

#1452 - HD Metal Trim Tool
  • Slim profile (less than 0.0187 inches thick) - Allows access into narrow gaps between trim components
  • Tapered tip - Provides the ideal angle for separating parts with minimal effort
  • High strength steel construction - Prevents bending while in use for maximum leverage
  • Curved and straight ends - Match angle needed for removing molded trim pieces in confined areas
  • Purpose-built for auto & aviation applications - Efficiently pops off molded exterior parts like side molding
  • Ideal for removing interior panels - Door panels, dash components, carpet, etc.

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