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6510 - Fluid Extractor Tank - 15L (4 GAL)

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  • 15L (4 Gallon) extra-large capacity tank services passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks and light duty trucks with large engines
  • Now includes built in hose storage compartment
  • Includes 4 hoses, including brake bleeder hose, servicing engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, coolant, power steering fluid & more
    • 6510X02 - Rigid Hose Black Plug ?w Wire
      • OD 10mm - ID 7.75mm - OAL: 41"
    • 6510X03 - Rigid Hose Blue Plug
      • OD 6.75mm - ID 5mm - OAL: 48"
    • 6510X04 - Rigid Hose Blue Plug
      • OD 6mm - ID 4mm - OAL: 48"
    • 6510X05 - Silicon Brake Bleeding Hose
      • OAL: 62”
  • Easily drain engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tube into the 15L tank
  • No need to jack-up and crawl under the vehicle to change fluids
  • Dual pneumatic and manual operation
  • Pneumatic option allows for extraction up to 1.8L a minute
  • Metal flip out foot hold for stability while using the extractor to free up both hands.
  • Guided pour spout for mess free disposal of fluids after service
  • Also use it on lawn mowers, boats, jet skis and more!
  • Warning: Do not use with gasoline

CTA 6510 Fluid Extractor Tank - Instructions

  1. Identify the oil dipstick tube on the engine and remove the dipstick.
  2. Select the 6mm or 6.75mm diameter extraction hose. Slowly feed the hose down the dipstick tube until it reaches the bottom of the oil pan. Use the included wire if needed to guide the hose. Do not force.
  3. Attach the extraction hose to the tank's pour spout using the adapter. Turn it clockwise to secure.
  4. Position the 15L tank beside the vehicle.
  5. Choose manual or pneumatic extraction:
    1. For manual, pump the handle on the tank 7-10 times until oil flows.
    2. For pneumatic, connect shop air to the tank valve, open the valve, and oil will begin flowing. Keep air pressure between 10-30 psi.
  6. Once oil extraction is complete, release air pressure using valve. Then remove all hoses from vehicle and tank.
  7. Drain oil from tank using the guided pour spout.
  8. Replace oil filter and refill engine with new oil per vehicle manufacturer.
  9. Clean all hoses, tank, and components after each use.
    Fluid Extraction Ease

    Fluid Extraction Ease

    Effortlessly drain engine oil or transmission fluid by directly extracting through the dipstick tube into the 15L tank, eliminating the need to lift or crawl beneath the vehicle.

    Pneumatic vs. Manual

    Pneumatic vs. Manual

    Dual operation modes: pneumatic and manual. Pneumatic option allows for efficient extraction at a rate of up to 1.8L per minute.

    Hose Variety

    Hose Variety

    Equipped with four hoses, including a brake bleeder hose, suitable for servicing various fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, coolant and power steering fluid:

    • Hose 6510X02 - Rigid Hose Black Plug with Wire
    • Hose 6510X03 - Rigid Hose Blue Plug
    • Hose 6510X04 - Rigid Hose Blue Plug
    • Hose 6510X05 - Silicone Brake Bleeding Hose
    Secure Support

    Secure Support

    Sturdy metal flip-out footrest ensures stability during usage, freeing both hands for operation.