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3840 - EZ Chamfer - Large

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  • 5 Point design for quick and clean deburring
  • Range: 0.7” – 1.5” (18-38mm)
  • Single M2-HSS Construction - a tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Efficiently removes burrs and ridges from bolts, pipe, threaded rod, bar and dowels
  • Threads and burrs are sheared off creating the perfect chamfer for starting a nut or threading die
  • It is suitable for use on metals including:
    • MILD STEEL - U.S. Grade 2 - Metric Grade 4.8
    • HARD STEEL - U.S. Grade 5 - Metric Grade 8.8
    • VERY HARD STEEL - U.S. Grade 8 - Metric Grade 10.9
    • STAINLESS STEEL - 300 Series
    • SUPER HARD STEEL - U.S. Grade ASTM-A574 - Metric Grade 12.9

    ATTENTION: For best results, use a slow drill speed with medium pressure on most materials (Harder materials will require a higher feed pressure)

    • On most applications it is only necessary to chamfer the first 1 to 3 threads
    • E-Z CHAMFER (M2-HSS) recommended RPM according to size:
      • 18-24mm (600RPM)
      • 23-29mm (400RPM)
      • 30-38mm (300RPM)

    Smaller diameter EZ Chamfer tool available: #3838

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    Versatile Range

    Versatile Range

    This deburring tool boasts an extensive range, accommodating workpieces with diameters spanning from 0.7” – 1.5” (18-38mm). This adaptability ensures that you can effectively handle a wide array of materials and sizes with a single tool.

    Diverse Steel Grades

    This deburring tool offers unmatched compatibility with a broad spectrum of metal types and grades.

    Optimal for Varied Uses

    Optimal for Varied Uses

    Crafted from single M2-HSS construction, a tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel, this tool exemplifies versatility across a myriad of applications. Its robust composition equips it to tackle diverse tasks with consistent efficiency and reliability.

    Rated 9.5 Stars

    "The CTA EZ Chamfer is a great time and money saver. It makes it possible to reuse the majority of bolts or similar externally threaded parts that might otherwise need to be replaced. It can also be used on some threads before removing the nut to prevent damage to threads." 

    - John Baumgardt of Baumgardt's Auto Repair

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