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3805 - 10 Pc. 10mm Socket Set

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  • 10 piece socket set offers the 5 most popular styles of 10mm sockets in 1/4" and 3/8" drives
  • Includes stubby, standard, deep, flex, and magnetic impact sockets
    • Magnetic impact sockets manufactured using chrome molybdenum for durability and coated with manganese phosphate to withstand corrosion
  • Knurled non-slip ring (except on the two Universal/U-Joint Sockets) for maximum grip
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Packed on socket rail for organization.
3805X01 1/4" 10mm Hex - Stubby
3805X02 1/4" 10mm Hex - Standard
3805X03 1/4" 10mm Hex - Deep
3805X04 1/4" 10mm Hex - Universal (U-Joint)
3805X05 1/4" 10mm Hex - Magnetic Impact
3805X06 3/8" 10mm Hex - Stubby
3/8" 10mm Hex - Standard
3805X08 3/8" 10mm Hex - Deep
3805X09 3/8" 10mm Hex - Universal (U-Joint)
3805X10 3/8" 10mm Hex - Magnetic Impact

Accommodate Varied Needs

Accommodate Varied Needs

This set comprises five of the most popular 10mm socket styles: stubby, standard, deep, flex, and magnetic impact sockets. This diversity ensures that you're equipped to tackle a wide array of fastening challenges with confidence and precision.

Effortless Organization

Effortless Organization

This set comes packaged on a convenient socket rail. This organizational accessory simplifies storage and accessibility, allowing you to keep your sockets systematically arranged and easily accessible.

Knurled Non-Slip Design

Knurled Non-Slip Design

To augment your control and bolster performance, each socket features a knurled non-slip ring (except for the two Universal/U-Joint Sockets). This deliberate design element ensures that you maintain a firm grip on the socket, even in challenging conditions, enabling you to work confidently and securely.