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3445 - Ford / BMW / Volvo Fuel Pressure Tester

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  • Takes fuel pressure on vehicles with the Schrader-type test port on the fuel rail
  • Features 3-1/2" (90mm) gauge with dual calibration (5-145 PSI / 25-1,000 kPa) with quick couplers attached to both gauge and hose assembly to allow for additional adapter use
  • ATTENTION - If gauge assembly is removed, re-apply thread seal when replacing gauge.
  1. Before making fuel injection test, check for adequate fuel and voltage – 12 volts or over.
  2. With engine off, locate fuel pressure port and attach fuel pressure gauge.

CAUTION: Do not connect the valve to the air conditioning system.

  1. Start the engine and observe pressure.
  2. Higher pressures could be caused by a defective pressure regulator or a kink in the return line hose.

WARNING: Do not continue to operate with significantly higher than normal pressures as you may blow the fuel injection lines.

  1. Lower pressures could be caused by a clogged fuel filter, defective fuel pump or pressure regulator.