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1228 - GM Camshaft Holding Tool

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  • Bracket is used to hold a GM 1.5L engine
  • Bracket is installed onto both camshafts, and holds the assembled hex on both cams to maintain their relationship during timing chain, actuator, camshaft and valve service
  • When cylinder #1 is at TDC, install tool onto both camshafts to hold, and prevent chain jump when actuator bolts are removed or installed
  • Also use when the timing chain is replaced, and re-establish the cams in the correct position after camshaft or valve service
  • Applications:
    • Buick Encore 2016-2017, Chevy Cruze 2017, Malibu, Trax, & Volt 2016-2017
  • Compare to GM Factory Tool #EN-51367