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Fast & Convenient Tire Inflation with CTA #6525

Fast & Convenient Tire Inflation with CTA #6525

Tired of waiting around for your tires to inflate? The CTA 6525 Open-Flow Chuck delivers nearly instant airflow for fast fill ups. The open design eliminates restrictive valves that slow you down. Just lock it on, and let the unrestricted air blast into your tires.CTA #6525

Best Paired with handheld Electronically Controlled Inflators.

While open-flow delivers speed, it also allows air to flow back out when disconnecting. For controlled inflation, pair your 6525 Chuck with an inflator that has an electric shut-off valve. This cycles the airflow on and off for accurate pressure readings while still filling your tires in half the time.

If an Electronically Controlled Inflator is not used or preferred, then it is recommended to use CTA 1930 Closed-Flow Chuck.

1930 Closed flow air chuck

If you need to hit an exact PSI, go with a closed-flow chuck. The internal check valve completely seals off airflow for super precise inflation when used with a high-end gauge. But for quick fill ups with moderate precision, the 6525 open-flow gets the job done faster.

Quickly Air Up Tires at the Track

Racers love the rapid inflation of our open-flow 6525 Chuck. When seconds count, this unrestricted flow design shaves precious time off tire changes in the pits. The threaded lock-on sleeve also ensures a secure grip on the valve stem when inflating at speed.

What's the difference between Open & Closed Air Flow Chucks?

Open-Type Air Flow Chucks: The Open-Air chucks employ a "check valve" which will not seal the opening of the chuck when pressurized; however, it will open the core on the tire valve creating an "open passage" between the chuck and tire. Therefore, an OPEN check air chuck should be used on an air-line gauge in order to function properly.

Closed-Type Air Flow Chucks: Closed Type Air Chucks employ a "check valve" which seals the chuck, closing the air passage while it is not being used, and when used, it will "open" the core on the tire valve, allowing the pressure from the hose to be transferred to the tire. When a "live" air-line is used for "non-gauged" inflation of the tire, a CLOSED air chuck should be used.CTA #6525

CTA 6525 - Straight Lock-On Air Chuck - Open-Flow

  • Rapid Inflation - Open flow (no-valve) design eliminates restrictive valves for nearly instant tire filling
  • Thumb Lever Lock - Securely locks onto valve stem for hands-free inflation
  • 1/4" Female NPT Thread - Compatible with standard air hoses and inflation tools
  • 3/4" Hex
  • 150 PSI Rating - Handles high pressure inflation needs
  • No Internal Check Valve - Allows continuous air flow without obstruction for lightning-fast fill ups


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