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3882 - BMW Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Installer - B37, B47, B48, B57, B58, N47 & N57

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  • Replaces the rear crankshaft seal on BMW B37, B47, B48, B57, B58, N47 & N57 engines
  • Components:
    • 3882X01 – Guide Tool
    • 3882X02 – Press Tool
    • 3882X03 – Press Tool Screws
    • 3882X04 – Press Cup
    • 3882X05 – Nut w/ Thrust Bearing
  • Compare to BMW Factory Tool 118 810, 118 811, 118 812, 118 813 & 118 815

1. Using the Guide tool (3882X01), clean off the contact rim and coat with fresh engine oil.

a. Secure the Guide tool (3882X01) onto the crankcase seal location.

2. CAUTION! - Make sure all components are properly aligned prior to installation of seal.

a. Carefully slide the crankshaft seal over the Guide tool (3882X01) in a straight and rotational movement until it is aligned with the crankcase.

b. Remove Guide tool (3882X01)

3. Position the Press tool (3882X02) over the crankshaft seal.

a. Carefully tighten the Press Screws (3882X03) to ensure the seal lines up correctly.

b. Install the Press Cup (3882X04) over the Press tool (3882X02) and then screw on the Nut w/ Thrust Bearing (3882X05).

4. After inspection of the seal and all components, begin tightening the Nut w/ Thrust Bearing (3882X05) until the seal sits flush with the crankcase. CAUTION! - Do NOT overtighten and damage the seal.

a. Seal is now properly installed. Carefully remove all 3882 components.