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3875 - Ford Fuel Injector Sleeve Cup Remover & Installer - 7.3L

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  • Removes and installs fuel injector sleeve cup
  • Saves time by eliminating need to remove heads
  • Services F-250, F-350, F-450 & F-550 Super Duty 7.3L engine (Navistar T444E)
  • Compare to Ford Factory Tools 303-DS105 D94T-9000-B & 303-D109 D94T-9000-C

Will NOT work on engines with mechanical injection MEUI. Many get confused when they see wires running to the injector and think they have HEUI. However, if the injectors are actuated by a rocker arm & push rod you have an MEUI and require tool 143-2099-MUI-R instead.


303-DS105, D94T-9000-B, 303-D109, D94T-9000-C