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2250 - BMW Fuel Injector Oil Seal Kit

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  • Used for removing and installing the injector seal
  • BMW N54 I6 & N63 V8 engines, and MINI N14 & N18 L4 engines
  • Packed in a Blow Mold Case
  • Compare to factory tool #83300495756
  • Application: BMW N13, N14, N18, N20, N26, N43, N53, N54, N55, N63, N73, S55, S63, B38 & B48

Make Model Engine
BMW All N54 3.0L
BMW All N63 4.4L
MINI Cooper S All
MINI John Cooper Work All
MINI John Cooper Work Clubman All
MINI John Cooper Works All
MINI John Cooper Works Clubman All
MINI John Cooper Works WC50 All
MINI S Clubman All

Instructions to install new seals onto injectors for N14, N18, N54 and N63 BMW & MINI applications:

  1. Slide the new injector seal onto the brass cone shaped installer. While holding the brass cone and injector flush, slide the seal onto the injector and secure into the groove. Once seal is installed, set aside the brass cone.
    1. Be CAUTIOUS to not damage the seal with a pick or sharp fingernails while installing.
  2. Using 1 of 3 sleeve sizes marked (A, B or C), slide the sleeve onto the injector. Position the sleeve with the larger opening toward the injector. Push sleeve completely onto the injector until it sits flush.
    1. Twisting the sleeve while pushing onto injector may help.
  3. Leave the sleeve on the injector until you are ready to install. If not, the seal will begin to expand and will not seal properly.

Slide Hammer Instructions:

  1. Use slide hammer to remove stuck injectors.
  2. Select one of the two different length slide bolts provided.
  3. Be CAUTIOUS in pulling the injector, as side to side motions could damage the injector.


  1. Disconnect and remove the Ignition Coil
  2. Remove the high pressure fuel line from the injector
    1. TIP: Cap off the fuel rail
  3. Disconnect the wiring harness from the injector
  4. Remove the securing bracket from the injector
  5. Using CTA Injector Pulling Tool/Slide Hammer, remove the injector
    1. TIP: Record the new injector calibration number and cylinder for later calibration
  6. Remove the cap on the end of the injector before installation
  7. Install the retaining clip
  8. Reinstall the new injector, ignition coil and fuel line
  9. Continue on to the remaining injectors

83300495756 and BMW9054