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2010 - Cylinder Leakage Tester

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  • Measures the ability of an engine cylinder to hold compressed air using shop air pressure and supplements a compression tester
  • Helps detect bad valves, worn rings, cracked cylinder walls and blown head gaskets
  • Includes precision regulator with combination M14 and M18 adapter, with a 26" hose assembly
  • Dual gauges allow monitoring of input air-line pressure
  1. Turn regulator knob fully counter-clockwise (do not connect spark plug adapter hose yet).
  2. Connect regulator to shop air supply (50-150 PSI). Turn regulator knob clockwise until the right hand regulator gauge reads to the middle of the area marked “set”
  3. Tool is now ready to connect to the engine.
  4. Allow engine to run until sufficiently warm.
  5. Remove air cleaner, radiator cap (use caution when removing radiator cap from a hot engine) crankcase filler cap and all spark plugs.
  6. Place cylinder to be tested on “Top Dead Centre” (T.D.C0 on the compression stroke. (So that exhaust and intake valves are closed.)
  7. IMPORTANT – Ensure vehicle is in park or neutral with ignition “off” and apply handbrake. Keep hands and clothing away from engine bay, as engine rotation may occur.
  8. Hand tighten adapter hose into spark plug hole and connect other end into the quick coupler on the tester.
  9. Regulator gauge will now read percentage of leak down occurring in cylinder. Readings for each cylinder should be noted and compared after test.
  10. The left-hand pressure gauge indicates the air pressure going into the cylinder. It is important that all cylinders be tested at the same air pressure.
  11. Due to standard engine clearances and normal wear, no cylinder should be expected to maintain a perfect, no-leak reading. It is important that all cylinders have a relatively consistent reading.