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8995 - 5 Pc. Bearing Splitter Set

Stuck Bearings Grinding Your Gears?

Need an easier way to remove and replace worn out bearings without damaging the surrounding components? Look no further than the new CTA #8995 5 Pc. Bearing Splitter Set, now available from CTA Tools.

CTA 8995 Bearing Splitter Set
This versatile set contains 4 different sized bearing splitters and a V-Belt Pulley Puller attachment to quickly and easily remove bearings, races and seals from axles, wheel hubs, transmissions and more. The precisely machined splitters evenly distribute force around the bearing without causing damage, allowing you to press off the old bearing and press on a new replacement.

Whether you're a professional mechanic needing to service customer vehicles or a DIYer working on your own projects, the CTA 8995 has the range to tackle light-duty and heavy-duty bearing jobs. Reduce frustration and wasted time fighting stuck bearings with this must-have bearing service kit. See below for more details on this innovative new product.

CTA 8995

CTA #8995 5 Pc. Bearing Splitter Set

  • Set includes 4 bearing splitters, plus a V-Belt Pulley Puller
    • 8160 - Bearing splitter - Working Range: ¼” to 15/16"
    • 8060 - Bearing splitter - Working Range: 1/8” to 2"
    • 8065 - Bearing splitter - Working Range: ½” to 4-5/8"
    • 8155 - Bearing splitter - Working Range: ½” to 9"
    • 8165 - V Belt Pulley Pulling attachment - Working Range: 1-3/4” to 5-7/8"
  • Works on bearing sizes from 1/4" up to 9"
  • Evenly distributes force to safely remove bearings without damage
  • Durable blow mold case for storage and portability
  • Ideal for professional mechanics and DIY users
  • Quickly and easily service bearings on cars, trucks, agricultural equipment, industrial machines, and more

Let the CTA #8995 5 Pc. Bearing Splitter Set make your next bearing job fast, simple and frustration-free. Contact your preferred CTA dealer to order or visit today!