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Bolt Extractor Sets for Removing Damaged Fasteners

Anyone who has ever tried to remove a damaged bolt, nut or screw knows that it can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Stripped, rounded, or swollen fasteners can be a real headache, and without the right tools, they can be nearly impossible to remove. Fortunately, CTA Tools has just introduced two new products that make removing damaged fasteners a breeze.

The CTA 1232 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for Metric and the CTA 1234 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for SAE are both designed to help mechanics and DIYers remove stuck or damaged fasteners quickly and easily. These sets include 10 sockets each, with a unique snowflake shape hex socket that provides better grip when removing damaged fasteners. The sets are perfect for those who encounter stripped, rounded or swollen nuts and bolts often, and find themselves struggling to remove them.

#1232 Bolt Extractor Set - Metric #1234 Bolt Extractor Set - SAE
CTA #1232 CTA #1234 Bolt Extractor Set - SAE


One of the standout features of these sets is the knurled ring on each socket, which provides extra grip when using them. The sets can be used with any 3/8” square drive ratchet, making them versatile and easy to use. Additionally, both sets come with a metal punch rod that can be used to remove nuts and bolts that might get stuck in the sockets.

It is important to note that these sets should not be used with air tools, as the high torque and speed of these tools can damage the sockets. However, when used correctly, these sets can make quick work of even the most stubborn damaged fasteners.

Overall, the CTA 1232 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for Metric and CTA 1234 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for SAE are excellent tools for any toolbox. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, these sets are a must-have for anyone who works with fasteners regularly. Next time you or a customer find yourself struggling to remove a stuck or damaged bolt, nut, or screw, look no further than these new CTA Tools sets.

 CTA #1232 & #1234

  • Unique snowflake shape hex sockets are used for removing stuck or damaged bolts, nut and screws
  • Use with a 3/8” square drive ratchet
  • Sockets include knurled ring for extra grip
  • SCM435 Alloy Steel Construction
  • Do not use with air tools

CTA 1232 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for Metric

  • Included sizes:
    • 8mm
    • 10mm
    • 11mm
    • 12mm
    • 13mm
    • 14mm
    • 16mm
    • 17mm
    • 19mm

CTA 1234 - 10 Pc. Bolt Extractor Set for SAE

  • Included sizes:
    • 1/4”
    • 5/16”
    • 3/8”
    • 7/16”
    • 1/2”
    • 9/16”
    • 5/8”
    • 11/16”
    • 3/4”
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