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8990 - Engine Chain Hoist

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  • 28" / 71cm long chain assembly helps lift engines and other heavy parts up to 1,000 pounds / 455 kg
  • Heat-treated alloy steel
  • Engine Chain Hoist
  • Steel bracket thickness of 0.286" or 7.27mm

Safety Tips:

  1. This is a single purpose chain. Do not use for other than engine or transmission lifting.
  2. Do not overload. 1000 pounds (453 kg) maximum load.
  3. Do not attach chain ends more than 20 inches (50 cm) apart.
  4. Do not shorten chain with knots, bolts or other devices.
  5. Not for over head lifting.
  6. Do not apply tension to twist chain.
  7. Discard chain that has been disfigured.
  8. Do not use chain that has deteriorated due to strain, usage, weathering, corrosion or lapse of time.
  9. Do not apply an impact load or jerk the load from an at-rest condition.
  10. Before using, always inspect entire chain for cracks, elongated links and/or other sings of possible deterioration or abuse. Such chains should be discarded and replaced.